Fit or Lazy or Both

Have you ever thought about how healthy you actually are? I have, I do on a daily basis. Am I  fitter than I was last year? Am I skinnier than the next girl or fatter than the last? I bet you don’t ask yourself whether you’re a lazy, fit person? How can you be lazy... Continue Reading →


Neuro Lingustic Programming ( NLP)

Neuro Lingustic Programming ( NLP) I've known about the benefits of embracing NLP for a while now but  I didn’t really appreciate it until I was thrown into a situation where people were actually practicing it. NLP is defined as:- "A model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behaviour... Continue Reading →

Lifes a Drag(Race).

Reality TV. Fashion. Makeup. Cat Fights. Industry Vocab. Guys. Gays. Drag Queens. If you havent watched RuPauls Drag Race you're seriously missing out. It is the single most best thing I have watched in forever. Oh and when I say watched, I mean watched each series at least 4 times. Yes. Season 1-6  around 4... Continue Reading →

5 Best and Easiest Paleo Recipes.

For millions of years humans and their relatives have eaten fish, meat, fowl, leaves, trees, roots and plant. It is important that in our modern society, with so much choice - natural and unnatural that we maintain similar aspects of the paleolithic diet. The paleo diet advises that we eat fewer processed and artificial foods... Continue Reading →

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