5 Best and Easiest Paleo Recipes.

For millions of years humans and their relatives have eaten fish, meat, fowl, leaves, trees, roots and plant. It is important that in our modern society, with so much choice - natural and unnatural that we maintain similar aspects of the paleolithic diet. The paleo diet advises that we eat fewer processed and artificial foods... Continue Reading →


56 Food and Drinks We’ve Probably Been Saying Wrong This Whole Time.

Title: 56 mispronounced food and drinks. Quinoa.Key-no-wah Nutella.New-tel-ah Merlot. Mer-loh Jalapeno. Hal-ah-pen-ee-o Bruschetta. Broo-sket-ah Ciabatta. Chee-ah-bat-a Courvoisier. Kur-vwah-see-ay Cocoa. Coh-coh Cointreau. Kwan-troh Hummus. Hoom-us Espresso. Es-pres-oh Sorbet. Saw-bay Pinot Noir. Pee-no-new-ar Mai tai. My-tie Edamame. Ed-ah-mah-may Quesadilla. Kay-sah-dee-ah Acai berry. Ah-sigh-ee Prosciutto. Pro-shoot-o Daquiri. Da-kih-ree Ceviche. Suh-vee-chay Riesling. Rees-ling Guacamole. Gua-cam-oh-lay Curacao. Cure-ah-soh Chipotle. Chip-oat-lay... Continue Reading →

My Vegan Virginity.

Tales of a vegan outing. I'm a self confessed fuss pot when it comes to food. Truthfully, it's hard for me to eat out without having to analyse whether its the right place for me. Life is too short to spend money in crappy restaurants. I love food so naturally, I want my big fat... Continue Reading →

Pineapple Clothes, The New Revolution. Introducting Pinatex and Carmen Hijosa.

Title: Pineapple Clothes, The New Revolution. Introducing Piñatex  and Carmen Hijosa. Subtitle: Garments Made from Pineapple, The Eco-Friendly Vegetarian Company Piñatex Garments made from pineapple leaves, can you believe it? Yes I’m not kidding you. Piñatex is the trade mark name of the ‘innovative, natural and sustainable textile’ made from pineapple leaves. Piñatex is a non-woven mesh, it is not... Continue Reading →

5 Best Benefits of Coconut Water and Recommended Coconut Water Drinks

These are the REAL benefits of coconut water.. Coconut Water is Hugely Hydrating. Coconut water is sweet full of natural  sugars, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, enzymes, amino acids, cytokine, and phyto-hormones.These chemicals work together to replenish dehydration conditions inside the human body. It almost acts as a sports drink as discovered by  a 2012 study published in the Journal... Continue Reading →

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