Top 5 Blogging Myths

The idea of blogging may be alien to some people and that's ok. We often have an idea of what you need or have to do to become a blogger. This post will crush some of these popular myths. Blogging Is Serious. Many people, including some bloggers think that you have to take blogging seriously.... Continue Reading →


Blog on the Beach

I want you to imagine right now the feeling of fresh sea air blowing through your hair. The warm crunchy sand beneath your feet and the sun beaming down on your face. It has to be one of the best feelings in life doesn't it? When nature feels so good it makes you feel good.... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Kick the Back-To-Work Blues

Title: 5 Ways to Kick the Back-to-Work Blues. We all know heading back to work after a mini-break or the holiday of a lifetime is tough. Actually, its more than tough, its hellish. Coming from a climate of 30+ degrees, crystal blue swimming pools, endless elegant mojitos and days that are filled with doing absolutely... Continue Reading →

129 Best Inspirational & Motivational Quotes

Title: 129 Best Inspirational and Motivational Quotes. Subtitle: Success, Motivation and Inspiration. Be Inspired Every Day. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. Antoine De Saint-Exupery You always succeed in producing a result. Tony Robbins 20 years from now you will be more... Continue Reading →

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