Top 10 Tips To Stay Cool + Get A Good Nights Sleep.

This weather is amazing until we have to go to sleep.

If you’re like the thousands of us in the UK, when it comes to night time you’re dreading the tossing and turning and constant puddles of sweat you wake up to.

Here are the top ten tips to stay cool in this UK weather + get a good nights sleep.

1. Get A Fan.
Yes it sounds obvious but the amount of people who don’t have an electric fan. 

I was one of them until two days ago and I promise, its a game changer.
The stronger the fan, the better the sleep.
2. Sleep downstairs
If the fan breaks only a minor hole in the heat layer then try moving your bed downstairs (pretend its the good old days when you used to make dens in the living room).

 Heat rises so the lower down you are, the better the chance of staying cool in the night.
3. Fresh Cotton Bedding
If you’re mid wash and finding yourself with a quilt without a cover then PLEASE, get one on! 

Cotton bed sheets will enable your body to breathe which will cool it down. 

Quilts without covers will create a stuffy, sweaty bed and make for a worse night sleep.
4. Turn off plugs
If you’ve decided to charge all your electrical devices at night – don’t. Suprisingly, electrical items emit a large amount of heat. 

Try turning off all plugs and removing electrical items from the room. It really will make a difference
5. Avoid alcohol at night
You need to stay hydrated and alcohol, unfortunately does the opposite.
Don’t drink late at night but if you find yourself with a glass of wine, drink a hella lot of water.
6. Ice Pack
You know those little rectangular ice packs you put in cooler boxes? Wrap a light tea towel around them and place them on your head, feet or wrists for an instant cool down. 

They only cost around £2 a pack + it saves water dripping all over you if you were just to wet a towel.

7. Ice + Fan
Placing ice in a bowl in front of your fan will pull the colder air through the room. Turning the oven on will heat the room the same as placing ice will cool it.
8. Dont sleep starkers
Create a pocket of air around your body. Wear cotton pjamas to absorb the sweat and keep you cool.
9. Sleep alone
Chuck your patner out of the bed, you’ll thank yourself tomorrow! 

Body heat is a nightmare when you’re trying to stay cool. If you’ve got more than one mattress in the house, bring them both downstairs and sleep separately.
10. Don’t cook before bed.
As I’ve mentioned above, electrical items give off heat. If you’ve decided you wanted to roast a joint of beef at 6pm then DONT. 

The oven/stove will emit huge amounts of heat which really will make the difference to the overall household temperate.
So there you have it. Ways to stay cool in this extremely hot weather.


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