Just Look Down..

Sometimes we can get so consumed by our lives that we can’t see a way out. I’m writing this post to tell you this: we can change the way we see things, without even trying.
How? Well, just look down.

Let me explain. We’re always looking at things at eye level, as we see them directly in front of us.
Sometimes you need to look at things from a different angle allowing yourself to experience a different view. This really isn’t metaphorical either.

Today I’m writing this post on the 10th floor of a hotel that I’ve pretty much walked past for the last 9 years. I’ve seen my city at eye level, seen the same buildings in the same way and the same streets over and over again.

Tonight I see things differently. I just looked down and everything that I’ve seen for all this time feels completely different right here. I am looking at it with different eyes, it’s the same city with exactly the same buildings but I’m above them, I’m looking at the beauty and feeling inspired.

The same mundane train station that pains me for always been full and completely inaccessible feels different tonight. It glows under the street lamps and the slow moving trains arriving seem so calm and picture perfect.
The rowdy, dirty street that I hate walking through looks like nothing but a bustling highway from here.

The tops of the buildings showcase the apartments with the rooftop terrace where I can imagine ordinary people like me, sitting outside in the summer nights and admiring the view from that height. The modern library which appears to carry a boring, never used, kinda vibe feels almost opposite with the little grass patches that line its roof. Like a whole little area that no one would ever know existed if it wasn’t for looking down.
I can see the flashes of colour changing from a glass roof below me, it’s a club I’ve always hated and wouldn’t dare step foot in again but those colours make it seem funky, make it special.

The tallest of buildings in the city can be appreciated at this height. The work that went into them, you can appreciate the detail when you’re looking down.
You get an overview when youre looking down. You get a fresh eye. You get a different perspective.

Sometimes in life we don’t allow ourselves different perspectives because were convinced that we don’t need to. ‘ Of course I’m right, nothing you could say or do could change that’. Other times, we just aren’t lucky enough to have moments where everything is placed in perspective.

This is one of those moments. My home town, the place where I’ve experienced so much and developed my opinions and my judgements from the eye level that I’ve been looking at them, looks like an alternate universe tonight. It’s made me love it. Made me appreciate my life and how lucky I am to be healthy and in this certain place in my life.

When times are tough, put yourself in a place where you can look down. Where you can see the same things with a different mindset. You won’t have to actively change your way of thinking – different sights and different experiences will do that for you.

For now. Just try a simple walk and appreciate your surroundings and remember you aren’t even a drop of rain in the ocean. In the grand scheme of things, it really isn’t that bad. Youre alive.


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