Be a B*** + Go Get It

We all have morals but f** me sometimes it hard to live by them. There’s always that one person you work with who does everything just to get a reaction or that one friend who constantly complains about life with nothing substantive to complain about: or even  your boyfriend who seems to put everyone first but you..

I’m not starting this off as a negative, whingy post although it pretty much seems like. What I’m trying to get at is – stop being so nice.

Don’t put up with these people because you’ll be better off without them, trust me.

It’s hard being nice all the time. Fuck its harder to maintain that ‘I’m a good person’ mantra that you pride yourself on.

Sometimes you just need to be a B to be able to get where you need to be.

Let me tell you a story and don’t worry it’s not a little sob story where I tell you at the end that the person I’m talking about is me and we all cry together at how heartbreaking my life is. Wrong. Let me tell you a legit story that will show why being a B will help you get to the top.

I heard this story of a girl who started off in a pretty shitty company as a nobody. Quiet, kept herself to herself. Started to integrate with the nobodies. Started to learn things about the industry that she had never learnt before. Despite going to business school and gaining every qualification under the sun she was at the same company as everyone else. Doing the same mundane job.

Being in a familiar environment with unfamiliar people can teach you a little something about yourself. She learnt that she really was getting nowhere being quiet and compliant when all these defiant and cunty people were getting what they wanted.

Turns out she got a bit to close to the top guy (you get my drift) learnt some industry secrets and now she has her own firm employing staff she poached from her old work.

She learnt to be like everyone else when she needed to be. Yes, she was the same person deep down but learnt to be a bit more – how can we say it – naughty..


Playing by the book and taking shit off people that you really couldnt care less about is draining.

If you’re arguing with your friends then sort it out. If not be a bitch. Be a bitch until people start to take you seriously. Sometimes showing feelings is what you need, others its just to stand up for yourself.




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