5 Reasons Why Its OK To Stray Off The ‘Path’..


  1. Life Happens.

One thing they don’t teach you in school is that life happens. You plan all through your childhood what it is you are going to be when you’re older. You plan what age you’re having children, I used to say 25 because that was my favourite number.

25 was just old enough: 30 was practically ancient( my 8 year old self talking here). Now that I’m 22 the thought of children scares the living daylight out of me – should probably learn to look after myself first!pp.gif

Anyway, sometimes we have a plan and stick to it for a while but something will come  along and throw us off it. Life happens and that’s ok. We have all been thrown off our path at some point, many of us can climb back on it after a short stint in the wilderness but others never can. That’s me. I’m never going to be on the path I once was and that’s ok.

As you’re probably learning life is sooooo unpredictable..

2. You See Yourself.

Sometimes staying on the path however rigid or flexible can hold you back if deep down its not where you want to be. You’ve always attempted to stay on the same wave, ride the same tide in order to fulfil your ‘destiny’ and get to where you want to be. The danger is, that on this path you aren’t peeking outside your comfort zone.love

If comfort zone is where you want to be then , perfect. If its not and you lay awake in bed at night wondering what it is that you’re missing then you must do something about it.

‘If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got’.

3. New Opportunities Create a Whole New Path

You may wake up one day get a Gmail from a recruiter. You’ve been headhunted and they want you to move to Paris to pursue art, they noticed your picture that you donated to a gallery showing, somewhere in England. Its only your hobby because you want to be a lawyer. Right?

Opportunities pop up that may be too good to miss and subsequently drag you off your path and onto a fresh new road that you’ve never driven before. That road may actually be your path and the one that was mapped out for you was merely a route to the main destination. Don’t fight it.

4. You May Meet The Love of Your Life

New paths don’t need to mean career. New paths may be relationship paths or friendship paths. You could meet the love of your life one night in a bar on the other side of town or you could meet your future wife at the gig that you were never going to go to.love.gif

You may have been with your childhood sweetheart for ten years and one night bump into a guy that turns out to become your husband. People can throw you off your stride and it be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Don’t fight it.

Life works in mysterious ways and sometimes we’re not meant to stay on that one path that we think thats right for us. Its so important to take a step back sometimes. Look around and be thankful.

5. If The Paths Not Yours.

Some of us are lucky to come from families where we aren’t pushed into one path. If you’re not so lucky then let me tell you this, its ok to stray from the path – because it’s NOT your path it’s your parents. Don’t think that because they want your life to go a certain way that that’s how it must  go. Your path is for your journey, don’t owe that journey to anyone no matter how much you think it’s the right thing to do.



It has taken me years to realise that its ok  to walk to the beat of my own drum. Now I am finally in a happy place and I never regret straying off that path. If you ever want to know my story and how I can help with yours, I’m always here.


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