10 Ways to Conquer The End Of The Honeymoon Period

Are you in a relationship? Remember the honeymoon period?

Oh you don’t, ok. Let me explain to you what the honeymoon period is..

The honeymoon period is the first few months of a relationship where everything feels like you’re floating on clouds and rainbows always appear in the sky and happiness is flowing through your body at every waking second.rel

It’s also the time where you feel so crazy, madly, deeply in love that you can’t think of anything you would rather be doing than spending time with your new piece.

Loose definition of course but we’ve all been there haven’t we?

Those late night date nights. Securing yourself some exclusive tickets to the latest show. Booking impromptu mini breaks. That diamond he bought you. Cooking your best dish. Crazy, sometimes even dirty sex. Any 5 minutes spare would be with each other.

In the beginning it feelgif.gifs so good – like life is new and love is always in the air. Things always start to go downhill at some point right?

That’s when the honeymoon period wears off – when the dynamic of the relationship changes. Yeah, I like that word – dynamic. Having a secure relationship dynamic is essential to retaining those honeymoon period feelings which is the mistake we all make. We get too comfortable, let our standards slip and become happy with Netflix and chill. Yuck.g

Here are some tips to help you from completely fucking up your new ‘beautiful’ relationship by maintaining that ‘cloud 9’ honeymoon period.

  1. Always make an effort.

The curse of the long term relationship. Can’t be bothered to make an effort. Remember at the beginning when you’d spend at least on hour perfecting your hair or grappling through town trying to find an outfit for your date. Don’t let that ever change. You still need to try and impress even if you know you don’t have too.

2. Try and be spontaneousspon

Book trips. Surprise each other. Take risks with decisions. Do different things.

Being spontaneous is the best thing in the world + being predictable is o 2016.

3. Compliment each othercompliments

I don’t mean the standard ‘you look beautiful today hunny’ I mean you must notice the little things. Compliments don’t just have to be on visuals. Try tell your partner the things that you like about them or about the way they do things.  Compliments and praise are essential to maintaining a positive dynamic in your relationship. You’re both meant to love each other so make sure you’re saying it as well as showing it.

4. Treat each other

Those exclusive tickets that I mentioned earlier. Remember when it was always on your mind – ways to impress your partner and experience things together. Now ask yourself when you last went out of your way to treat your partner. Yes financially we cant always lavish each other with the gifts that we would like too but you know your partner. Get them something that doesn’t break the bank but lets them know you’ve thought of them.

5. Try new things togetherlov

Trying new things means stepping out of your comfort zone no matter how big or small. Essentially this post is about not getting comfy in your relationship so there we go…

Eat new foods, see new places, try new positions – whatever floats your boat babies!

6. No television

This is a big one for me. I don’t believe that watching TV together should an actual thing. Its so easy to get complacent and turn to doing nothing when you could be using your brain and doing something. No one dreams of being in a relationship sitting in front of the Tv and eating a ready meal on top of a dirt stained pillow. Gross.

7. Date night at least twice a week. date

Don’t listen to people who say one day is enough. What the fuck are you doing the other 6? Get dressed, feel good about yourself, be sexy and confident and worship your partner.

8. Not everything has to be together

Miss your partner. if you want to go for a run, dont no go just because your partner doesn’t want you to. You are still your own person and sometimes this is hard because you want to do everything together but you cant always agree! This is where the relationship falls down!

9. Time apart

See friends. See family. Explore. Don’t always do it together. Experiences shape you and you need to grow yourself as a person before you can try to grow anyone else. Besides this will give you lots more to talk about!

10. Talk to each other

The easiest thing to do in a relationship is not talk to each other. Not talking about feelings or issues or things that are happening in each other’s livetalkings is the fall of the honeymoon period. I’ll tell you why, because when were in the honeymoon period we feel we can set out all the things that bother us. Or we simply make the other person notice that we don’t like what they’re doing or saying. When we get comfortable we can’t be bothered talking about what we don’t like we just end up shouting or avoiding the conversation. Always be honest and fresh with each other.



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