Into Perspective…

Life really is that good…

Sometimes we hit hurdles in our lives, paths that we didn’t expect to go down and feelings we never thought we could feel.

It’s difficult, granted, but its important to realise in slight times of darkness that life really is that good.

Little things that are so pure and beautiful should bring light to your day. Teach yourself how to feel better. People often say that you can’t teach yourself to feel different but I disagree.

Of course I’m not saying that welove.jpg can change our feelings and our emotions all of the time but I definitely think that we can alter them.

We need to put things into perspective when our minds are so negatively clouded.

Waking up in the morning seeing winter ice settle on the ground, the low temperatures spreading a glossy dew through the air. It’s almost like the ice is floating. How amazing is that? Crisp air, fresh, sun shining through the cold.

Remember that you’re alive, you’re feeling that ice this morning. You’re cold aren’t you? Some people cant feel at allm so surely to feel something is better than nothing?

The amazing thing about an icy winter morning is knowing that Christmas is nearing. Find ways to celebrate life’s joys. If you’re feeling negative, sad, unhappy go for a wintery walk. Find ways to channel your emotions even if you can’t change them. This is the same idea in every season of every day of every year

The important thing about a temporarily hurt mind is that the feeling is not going to last forever. Find  happiness in the things that surround you. If you feel you have nothing, find something.


I have a list of questions that I ask myself every day.

  • Am I healthy?
  • Is my family healthy?
  • Are my friends healthy?
  • Do I have a secure place to live?
  • Do I have enough money to buy food?


All of these questions are so massively important. If you have these things everything else can be found. Every situation that you find yourself in is nothing  as scary as finding out that you are ill, that a family or friend is unwell. Nothing is worse than not having money to secure yourself a place to live.

Put things into perspective however hard it may be.


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