5 Best Winter Hacks. How to Prepare For Winter.

Winter is my favourite time of year. Pumpkin spiced lattes, Halloween talk and stores stocking up for the Christmas period.

One thing I always seem to be unprepared for is the day when I can actually class the season as winter. I’m forever rushing to get my winter coat or making sure I’ve found last years hot water bottle.latte.gif

Like, if its snowing, its winter right? Most of the days are still sunny around here and the weather changes everyday so these days you have to rely on everything that is going on around you to determine whether we can class it as winter and of course, be prepared for it.

I’ve researched the top 5 hacks that will 100% prepare you for the winter months. I love checklists – its what I live by. Winter is by far the season that requires the most work. New coats, new food, new social lives, cold nights, shorter days and of course the nights in by the fire.

Here are my top 5 tips to prepare you for winter.winter.jpg

  1. Moisturise.


  • Low temperatures
  • Low humidity
  • Use of artificial heating methods
  • Dry wind

The drop in temperatures means that your skin is more susceptible to drying out.  Exposing your skin to colder temperatures means it needs more care.

Moisture is sucked from the skin leaving it dry and unpleasant. Invest in a nourishing hand cream and body moisturizer. The levels of humidity in the air affect the way your body absorbs moisture. The drier the air the more water will evaporate from the keratinocytes (skin cells) leaving skin feeling itchy and sore.

Also the constant use of artificial heating such as heaters can affect your skin.  We still need to rock a night-out in winter so make sure you are prepping and keeping that body fresh!

Choosing the correct winter moisturizer will depend on what you require for your skin type. There are humectants, such as hyaluronic acid, and occlusives, such as paraffin. Humectants retain the moisture from the skin and occlusive agents increase moisture levels in skin by providing a physical barrier to epidermal water loss.

2. Drink more.

For every season you will hear someone say ‘are you drinking enough‘. They say it for a reason. Its so hugely important to drink enough water to keep your body hydrated and in optimum capacity. In winter it is especially important to hydrate your body. This cannot be done without commitment, it is important to be consistent with hydration. You should drink around 2 litres of water a day, of course more if you’re working out.

So why is it important to drink water in winter?

  • It aids hydration of the skin (which goes hand in hand with point 1).
  • It increases energy levels needed for winter months as days get shorter and nights get longer, affecting sleeping patterns.
  • Aids digestion., needed for all the chocolate treats we consumer over Christmas.


3. Car Carry Kit

If you drive you will know the winter struggle. The car doesn’t start, you break down, your windows have froze over, the temperature is too cold to bare. The best thing about having a checklist is the fact you can avoid or mitigate the daily winter care struggles. In winter you must always carry in your car:

  • Phone charger for emergencies
  • First aid kit
  • jump cables
  • ice scrapers and a snow brush
  • snacks
  • ensure petrol/gas is always full
  • Boots gloves and winter clothes
  • snacks
  • torch/flashlight

Pretty practical point but needs to be mentioned!


4, Wardrobe prep.

Don’t worry I’m not going to tell you to be sensible and wrap up warm, because who doesn’t know that’s the most important thing in winter! The aim is to avoid illness and to look cute of course.

What I will say is that its super easy to get lost in heavy coats and hats and scarves which can leave you feeling frumpy and unfashionable. Its important to invest in fashionable winter trends, feel confident and rock the best time of year. There are so many areas of inspo like Vogue. Search SGpolyvore on insta for those celeb inspired looks but a high street price tag!



Do not regret your spiced lattes or your spontaneous purchases. Its Christmas season after all!!




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