Fit or Lazy or Both

Have you ever thought about how healthy you actually are? I have, I do on a daily basis. Am I  fitter than I was last year? Am I skinnier than the next girl or fatter than the last?

I bet you don’t ask yourself whether you’re a lazy, fit person?

How can you be lazy and fit? You think of lazy as a negative word, lazy  people are couch potato who eat junk food. Or is the definition of lazy someone who struggles to wake up in the morning? Someone who is always late for work? What do you think?fit 1.gif

We are living in a world where there is ever amounting pressure on ourselves, women and men included, to be fit. I bet when you think about the people you work with or the people you surround yourself with you realise more people go to the gym than not. People are always talking about their gym sessions and talking about how much they feel good and they love it. Rightfully so, exercise releases endorphines that make you feel good.

For some people it becomes who they are. Protein shakes, low card diets, chicken and rice – the standard gym food talk. Of course, going to the gym is beneficial but I want to put this to you, my readers: you can still be go the gym and be fit but still be lazy.

To the non-gym goers, you’re not lazy and you may definitely be fit.

Let me tell you a story.

The girl goes to work every morning, she lives on the 5th floor of an apartment block. It takes her roughly 1 min 5 seconds to walk down the stairs everyday and around 3 minutes to walk up 3.gif

There isn’t a lift there for when she comes home so if shes got shopping she has to either carry all of it up at once or make multiple trips. Of course this is some serious arm workout, those bags are heavy! If she does it in one go then that’s a result.

She walks to train station, its only ten minutes but she does it even when shes tired or when shes ill and even when its raining (great British weather).

She stands on the train in the morning because its so busy, she will be sitting in the office for most of the day so she doesn’t complain. It takes her 12 minutes to walk to the office from the station. She sits down for roughly 3 hours until her one hour lunch break.

Every single day she walks around for lunch (even if its raining). She never takes the lift down the 6 flights of stairs. She may sometimes go to the gym after work, never more than an hour.

She doesn’t think shes lazy but shes not convinced shes fit.

She exercises for  1hr 40 mins without stepping foot in the gym. On her gym days add another 1 hour.

The reason why I’m telling you this relatively boring storing about a random girl and her daily routine is because I don’t want you to think youre lazy because you don’t go to the gym everyday.


Lets turn this around.

The guy goes to the gym everyday. Around 30 minutes before work and possibly and hour after work, 4 days a week. He never walks up the stairs because he doesn’t feel a need to. Theres a lift why not use it. He doesn’t need to carry the shopping because he gets it delivered and they do it for him. He gets a lift in every morning and doesn’t need to go out at lunch because hes prepped his meals so he likes to eat them at his desk.

How much exercise does he do a day? When someone talks about going to the gym you automatically assume they are fit. The word lazy doesn’t come into it. But actually they do roughly the same amount of exercise per day. Of course his exercise regime is going to effect his body and heart much more than hers.

Don’t associate yourself with being lazy just because you don’t go to the gym.

Everyone has ideas of what fit and healthy mean and also lazy! Make little changes and turn those negative words into positive.


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