Who Loves a Road Trip? Top 10 Road Trip Essentials.

Us Brits and Americans love a good road-trip. Whether you’re driving inter-state or driving to London for a flight. Its handy to have a travelling checklist that will make your trip SO much FUN and so much EASIER.

1) Podcasts.

Podcasts are the next best thing for a car traveller. You can download them on wifi and listen to them offline. There are hundreds of thousands of different podcasts online each one a fountain of information.ipad

I find by learning on the go you are productively using your time. iPhones and iPads have a designated section for podcasts. You just choose a topic, pick a podcast, downloads and listen to it. Long car journey can be extremely boring without one!


2) Books.

Now I love travelling with a book especially if I know there’s really nothing else I could be doing other than reading. Of course, I’m talking to the passengers. Probably best not to read at the wheel folks! I recommend a light girly novel or a successful inspiripoorng book such as Tony Robbins. I love Jackie Collins, Cecilia Aherne and J K Rowling.

3) Snacks.

A long car journey is nothing with the trusty stash of snacks. Chocolate, crisps, shakes = amazing.

4) Playlist.

That trusty summer playlist is EVERYTHING. Driving 100 miles an hour down the freeway, open top roof with the best tunes pumping from the speakers. This is a journey in itself.I love The Chainsmokers, Closer. I have a friend who is able to put music on a CD but if you have the more modern cars, get all your music on iTunes, create a playlist and get an AUX cable and you’re pretty much sorted.

5) Vogue.cara.jpg

OMG there really is nothing better than travelling with a mag that inspires you. Vogue is the best. If you’re into fashion or you simply want to be motivated to change your look and try new things. I love it. NYFW 2016 has just started so check out the latest posts or buy the mag in your local superstore.


6) Refreshing Mist

Theres nothing worse than feeling sticky and sweaty and being nowhere near a shower. refreshing mist is definitely a travelling essential, a few sprays on your face and youre feeling fresh again. I recommend Decleor Paris, Aurabsolu Refreshing Mist.  It contains lemongrass, thyme and rosemary which will leave you feeling cleansed.

7) Dry Shampoo.bat.jpg

I have never used this before but my friends swear by it. Get rid of that greasy hair with a few sprays, left feeling and looking as good as new. Everyone I know uses Batiste, it comes in lots of different ‘flavours’.

8) Rimowa Luggage.

Rimowa is a German company that have revolutionised travel. Their Electronic Tag Luggage enable you to check them into the airport from home, or wherever you are, so when you arrive at the airport you can just drp them off. WOW. This makes life SO much easier, they are beautiful too.rim

9) Car Manual

This is definitely a boring must-have for a road trip but it is ESSENTIAL. The worst is when something goes wrong or a peculiar light shows up on the dashboard and you’ve haven’t a clue what it means. Having your manual handy will always help you in a tricky situation.

I have an Audi A3 Saloon, we were driving in horrible weather and these oil and coolant lights started flickering on the dashboard (the car is only 6 months old). We read the manual and realised it wasn’t all that bad – took it to the nearest garage and got it sorted within the day.

10) Good Company.Stay motivated

The best thing and really the only thing you need on a roadie is good company. Share laughter, fun and excitement and it will always be a journey to remember.


So there it is, the most important ( in my opinion) road-trip/travelling checklist. If you like post, check out:







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