10 Of The Most Important In Flight Must-Haves

In Flight Must-Haves.


For the Elite, getting on a plane and jet setting off to a faraway country is the norm but for us average joes, it really requires a hell of a lot of planning!

I always find myself writing countless checklists every time – I don’t mean a quick list – I mean, full on notepads where I relentlessly tick off the list as I gather everything I need.

I’ve devised the Ultimate In-Flight Must-Haves that will benefit you for any journey you take, whether you’re going on a mini-break, flying intercontinental or lapping up a sneaky beach holiday.

Use this simple checklist every time and plane prep will be second nature to you. If you’re looking for one of those designer checklists where I recommend you buying overpriced travel-size skin care products or a  ridiculous £100 hairbrush or  exclusive travel socks, look somewhere else.

This is real checklist for real people..

. Its my go-to-guide for aeroplanes and its amazing how many people actually FORGET to take these things for a flight.

  1. Passport

Goes without saying right?

Make sure you have your passport and more specifically, make sure you’re passport is VALID and you are flying within the START and  EXPIRATION DATE.pass.jpg

When I was 15 I arrived at a London airport ready to fly to Crete, Greece with my whole family. My mum forgot to check my passport validity, I was refused boarding to the plane and had to watch my family leave to go on holiday while I had to wait in the UK for 2 days for my new passport. I then flew over to Greece on my own with my £125 emergency passport and £250 flights. Safe to say, it was one hell of a holiday to remember.

  1. Boarding Passes (Paper/E-Docs)

All of the paperwork we aimlessly ram into our polly-pockets, shoved into the bottom of our bag – boarding passes are the most important. If you’re tech savvy then you will probably use electronic boarding passes which is fine. If you are printing your passes keep them in a separate compartment along with your passport: somewhere that is easily accessible (there is at least three times during the pre-flight experience that you will need your passports:

  • Check-in
  • Customs
  • Boarding


  1. Watch

100% the most annoying thing about being on a plane is the loss of the sense of time. I always find myself guessing how many hours ahead my current destination is and how far along the plane journey we are. Wear a watch, of course I recommend Emporio Armanis new range ( I have one from the old range and it definitely is an eye catcher).watch

I have the best tip. Set your watch before you board the plane to the hour that it is in the country of your destination. For example, if you’re living in the UK travelling to Switzerland (as I did regularly last year) the time difference is one hour.Preflight, I would change my watch to one hour ahead so I was ‘automatically’ on swiss time when I touched down.

  1. Headphones

Omg headphones are always a huge flight essential. Sometimes with nerves, even speaking to the person next to you is not enough. Headphones are needed to block yourself out from the world. These go hand-in-hand with number 5 on our ultimate check list for our perfect flight, IPAD.

  1. Ipad (Downloads specifically)ipad

I recommend bringing a tablet in-flight, I prefer Apple but obviously, take what you have. The amazing thing with the Ipad is that you can download podcasts (as well as certain TV apps that allow you to download programmes and watch the offline). Podcasts for me are the best. Literally there is no downside to them, you are learning on the go. Stick in your headphones are relax. Ahhhhhh.

  1. Book

A good book is essential. Some flights can be so long so you want to bring as many things as possible to keep you entertained.tony 1

You can get lost in a good book and its amazing how fast time goes when you’re reading it. I’m not going to say too much more, I recommend Tony Robbins, Awaken The Giant Within because what motivates you more than Tony Robbins, a Plan and A New Place.

  1. Cash in two currencies

Ahhh, this is something that I always do. The worst thing is getting pre-flight and realising that the conversion rate for certain products is super high. My father in law went to Cyprus recently, he was on a plane back to the UK, they only had euros. Instead of around 12 pound their x2 bottles of water, sandwich and crisps came to 23 euros. That’s a huge difference.

Its also important to have enough of each currency just to ensure that you aren’t ever short of ‘travel change’ as I like to call it.

  1. Travel pillowpillow.jpg

These are life savers. If you’re on a long haul flight then travel pillows are the difference between sleep and a part-sleep with a broken neck. That horrible feeling where you’ve used your hoody bunched up and shoved under your head to try help you sleep. Most of the time it works but god  damn it is not comfortable. If you really don’t know what makes a good travel pillow – don’t worry Sky Scanner have reviewed some for us. Find them here.

  1. Sanitizer

According to a US study the tray tables and seatbelts are the highest carriers in the plane of E Coli. Gross. A stewardess said that people change babies nappies in the tables – ew ew ew ew. Amongst other things, cabins are really not that clean.clean

Its also so handy is you’re feeling gross, you haven’t washed for 15 hours and the bathroom is an absolute dive. It’s amazing how much better it makes you feel. A squeeze onto your hand and you’ve killed 99.9% of bacteria – phew, we can breathe again.

  1. Foldable Water Bottle

Water is a travelling essential. Without hydration during any of the travelling process, especially flying – its dangerous. Unfortunately you can’t take water through customs however, you can take a clear water bottle which you can refill at the other side. Ive found the most amazing water bottles that are amazing for every time you fly. P.s. water on flights is around £2.50 per bottle so buying a decent water bottle will save a lot of money. Buy it herewater.jpg

So there it is, everything i recommend for the best and easiest flight. i love to travel but i hate to fly so i hope this helps you out guys! I love everything that involves a checklist. If you enjoy this post check out my other similar posts, all involve that handy checklist formulae.


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