5 Ways to Make Your Miserable Monday Magical.


Everyone hates Mondays. I don’t think that’s an overstatement either. We wait all working week for the weekend and it comes and goes in the blink of an eye.

Mondays are the worst because you have to prepare for that wait all over again.  We spend all Sunday dreading Monday and then when Monday arrives we are wishing it was still Sunday *sigh*.

Here are some tips that will turn your boring Monday into a Monday that is well, less boring.

What do we hate about Mondays anyway? The worst thing is that the weekend is over and theres nothing to look forward to until next weekend. Thats a whole 5 boring days away.

Step 1) Plan Something Exciting for Monday.

I’m not saying spend hundreds of pounds getting drunk like we did on the weekend  but plan something anyway. There are so many work friendly things to do so you don’t end up dreading the day after because you have a stinking hangover. Arrange a regular Monday date with a bestie or the boyfriend.sex.gif

Aim to grab your well-earned Starbucks latte or go to  your favourite restaurant. Chatting with friends, good food and drinks and a good vibe will make your Monday more bearable. Dont talk about the past weekend and share stories of ‘how amazing it was and totes rad‘. Talk about your plans for the week, look forward.

Maybe we hate Mondays because we spend all weekend trying to look fabulous and then we go to work on Monday looking boring and glum in our drab uniforms.

Step 2) Make an Effort for Work.

I call this ‘Make an Effort Monday’. We’ve spent all weekend looking glam and hot and fixing our eyebrows for a whole 2 days(slight overstatement) and then we feel like a fat, chunky mess in our uncomfortable skirts returning to work on Monday.bey.gif

Get up earlier, put on makeup (spend time doing it), choose your outfit the night before, pick your best shoes and wear your hair in a different style. Youll go to work feeling confident and feeling confident can only bring positivity. It really will make a difference to your day. You know what they say ‘inhale confidence, exhale doubt’ or some crap.

We often hate Mondays because its hard to get up and everything seems to be a mega rush even though we feel like we’ve spent all of Sunday prepping for work.

Step 3) Don’t force yourself to go to sleep too early on Sunday.

Now this may sound a little strange but don’t you always go to bed early and try to force yourself to sleep for most of Sunday night so we wake fresh on Monday? Don’t do this. Actively trying to force yourself to get to sleep will not make you sleep, in fact the opposite. Stop trying to get to sleep earlier to make it easier for you to get up on Monday. The reason why its harder to get up on Monday because subconsciously you know you don’t want to. To combat this recurring issue, go to sleep on Sunday whenever you’re tired. Yes its that simple.Whether its 3am or 12pm.“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”.jpg

Also, set your alarm one hour earlier on Monday. This will give you time to prep. There is nothing like waking up on a Monday unprepared and rushing. Running for the train or missing your bus is definitely not how you want to start your Monday.

Another reason why we hate Mondays is because we are still living in weekend mode. The mode of eating loads of junk on our sofa bingeing on Netflix.

Step 4) Prepare your own lunch

Prepping our lunch means we don’t lunge for the fatty filled baguettes that really don’t increase our brain power. You know how easy it is for me to pick up a bar of chocolate or a muffin for lunch? Too easy. Like I eat it and an hour later I have a huge sugar rush followed by a horrible sugar low. You will feel better if you prep your healthy lunch beforehand. It will provide your body with the much-needed nutrients and help your brain power after a tough weekend.

Maybe we hate Mondays because we don’t appreciate them. After all guys, it’s all about our mindset right. Do you have work colleagues that come in everyday so miserable and hating life. Ones that don’t want to talk and sit lifeless at their desks all day. Would you want to be that person? I didn’t think so.

Step 5) Read motivational quotes.gif.gif

Motivational Monday is what I like to call it. People will be posting so many negative quotes about it being Monday and about how Monday is the worst day ever blah blah. We must realise that we are grateful to see another Monday right? Try posting and reading motivational quotes that make you feel good and positive and happy and inspired. Its amazing what a few words can do for you.


Here are what I consider as the 5 best steps for making Monday amazing. We all wish we could be doing other things rather than working but lets be grateful we actually have a job! Monday is not all that bad right?




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