Lifes a Drag(Race).

Reality TV. Fashion. Makeup. Cat Fights. Industry Vocab. Guys. Gays. Drag Queens.

If you havent watched RuPauls Drag Race you’re seriously missing out.

It is the single most best thing I have watched in 4.jpg

Oh and when I say watched, I mean watched each series at least 4 times. Yes. Season 1-6  around 4 times each = 360 episodes watched.

That’s a whole 15 days of my life watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

The seasons are all on Netflix but you can’t stream live ones in the UK. **sobs uncontrollably**.

I’m watching it right now so I thought I would celebrate how frikking awesome it is.

Ru Pauls Drag Race is a reality tv show shown on LOGO TV where a group of guys compete with each other to be crowned the Next Drag Superstar. Think ANTM but for drag queens.

The show is created and hosted by Ru Paul Charles.  Ru is an American actor, drag queen, model, author, television personality, and recording artist. He is stunning, funny, talented, intelligent and a really really big role model within the gay community and worldwide.

All Stars Season 2 has recenty premiered on Logo Tv and it is amazing *please watch it*.

If you love modelling, you love high fashion, you love couture, you love make up, you love transformations and you love celebrating diversity then this is the show for you.

It is a so much more than a basic reality tv show. It is a competition for the unique, talented and sometimes completely crazy. 



We all have a selection of words that we use on a daily basis – ones that don’t really belong in the English dictionary. If you thought that your ‘language’ was bad, honestly, you ain’t heard nothing yet.

If you want some completely fierce new words to add to your vocab look no further.Here are a few Drag Race Slang Words that you will definitely start using in your day-to-day vocabru5.jpeg

If you want to understand anything these queens say then you should learn these phrases first.

  1. Condragulations. You’ve surely got it right?
  2. Work. Not like im going to work but – girl you better work. Like if I’m working it.I’m  bringing it.
  3. Fishy. This is when a drag queen looks like a woman. They’re hot in other words. You’ll also hear ‘Serving Fish’. Which is basically the same thing
  4. The Tuck. Guys have dangly things that need to be tucked away in order to maintain a female apperance ok! They refer to the process as tucking.
  5. Girl. This is used in so many different ways but many to refer to other drag queens. You’ll hear ‘ girl you better work’.
  6. Read.Reading is one of two things: slagging someone else off or about to slag them off. As they say in the drag world ‘reading is fundamental’. It teaches the queens not to take themselves too seriously.
  7. Shade.  Throwing shade is exactly like us English folks would say ‘being shady – like being sly’. You’ll often hear ‘No T no shade’. T stands for truth!
  8. Paint.  Paint is basically a drag queens makeup. When a queen is Painted she is fully made up.
  9. Beat. Beating a face means to apply make-up perfectly. ‘My face is beat’.
  10. Booger. This is a queen that isn’t exactly killing it in the looks department. ‘Shes a booger’.
  11. Busted. Not like ‘your busted as in caught out’ it means youre busted like you’re a frikking mess. You’ll hear ‘girl she looks busted’. It’s an insult.
  12. C**t. In English C U next Tuesday is the most offensive swear word you’ll hear . These queens are saying it constantly but it the meanings vary. It can mean a fierce drag Queen, one is better than the rest or it can mean a woman that is not so nice.

Drag Race celebrates the gay culture. It celebrates love and promotes equality. Drag Race has encouraged people from all over the world to be who they are, to embrace themselves.

I love this programme, not only because it encompasses everything that i love into one show but you also learn some of the struggles that homosexual people have to go through. It teaches us not to judge and to respect and to treat everyone as we want to be treated. I love Ru Paul for embracing himself and showing it to the world.





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