5 Tips on How to Stay Fit & Healthy Whilst Working 9-5

Title: 5 Tips on How to Stay Fit & Healthy Whilst Working 9-5

Subtitle: 5 best ways to stay healthy whilst working in an office.

1) Drink plenty of water.

As humans we only drink when we’re thirsty but unfortunately sometimes that leaves our body needing hydration even when we don’t feel we lack it. Being in an office for 7-8 hours a day (more if you’re a workaholic) isn’t the most vibrant of environments. 

Drinking plenty of water ensures you are staying hydrated, not just in work but in general. If you spend 5 out of 7 days in work, each day you’re only drinking a bottle of coke and a few glasses of water. Over time this adds up and dehydration becomes a huge problem. 

Spots, colourless skin, constant minor colds, headaches and sleep deprivation – all of these common ”issues’ can stem from dehydration. Aim to drink around 2-2:5 litres of water a day. This is around 4 bottles of water.  Buy a 500ml bottle of water and Keep refilling it, you can track how much water you’ve drunk in the day. Our bodies are made up of 65% water – it’s pretty important.

2) Meal prep.

Meal preps aren’t only for the avid gym goers. It doesn’t need to be boring chicken and rice either. Get up a little earlier or stay up a little later and create super tasty, healthy lunches for yourself. From experience, the high street doesn’t offer an extensive range of healthy lunches and the vegetarian and vegan options are always scarce. 
Foods rich in vitamins and minerals will provide your body with nutrients; this boosts brain power too. Foods rich in omega 3 such as oily fish can really help energise your mind. If you want to utilise your brain then feed it well.

 Packing your body with processed lunches and sugary snacks is only going to fluctuate your blood sugar levels leaving you with sugar highs and then whopping lows.  If you always feel tired after your lunch it could be down to your diet. Get that healthy food prepped before hand, besides, it saves you a lot of money too( around £70 a month based on lunch being £3.50)3) Walk at lunch.

So many of us sit in the cantine at work to eat our lunch, rarely venturing outside. There is nothing wrong with that but getting out and walking around for your lunch hour really does make every bit of difference. An hour of walking is better than no walking! It takes 3,500 calories burned to lose one pound. Fast paced walking an hour a day alone will burn between 150-300 calories depending on your weight and size. It really energises our mind too because any form of exercise releases feel good endorphines in the brain. Be fearless and even try to go out on your lunch hour in the rain!

4) Take the stairs.

Carrie Bradshaw always took the stairs. If your office is above the ground floor, take the stairs. Its amazing at how much this will benefit your fitness. Sitting at a desk all day means you dont get that much of a chance to move around. The stairs are always going to be there so make sure you use them!

5)Dont get stressed.

This is easier said than done, I know,  but stress levels can drastically affect your mental and physical wellbeing. Stress can cause high blood pressure, irregular sleep patterns, depression  and so on. Try to limit your stress levels at work by keeping a post stick on your desk of all the reasons why you WANT and job and all the reasons why you NEED it. This will keep you motivated and hopefully lower those stress hormones!

So here it is, 5 steps to staying healthy at work.


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