Top 5 Blogging Myths

The idea of blogging may be alien to some people and that’s ok. We often have an idea of what you need or have to do to become a blogger. This post will crush some of these popular myths.

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” (4)

  1. Blogging Is Serious. Many people, including some bloggers think that you have to take blogging seriously. Wrong. Writing a blog is unique to its writer. Blogging should be used as a platform to express yourself, you’re not getting graded on it after all!Blogging should be about being creative and doing something that reflects you as a person. Its a form of expression just like any hobby.
  2. You Have to Be a Good Writer. It is common for people to think that to become a blogger you need to have some sort of writing skills. Wrong. I don’t have any writing skills and personally don’t mind if people want to critique me because I can only improve. You don’t need to elegantly string a sentence together or paint images with your words. You just need to see blogging as a blank slate that allows you to express yourself freely. See it as a ‘diary’ that everyone can see!
  3. You Need an Interesting Life. Honestly, this was my preconception about blogging. I often thought about what I’d have to write about in my boring life. There are many amazing blogs written by people from all over the world and understandably it may feel hard to compete. But again, blogging is not a competition and you don’t need to have a more interesting life than the next person. Your strength is that no-one is you and what you write about will be unique. Trust me, people will want to read it.“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” (6)
  4. Blogging Costs Money. There are so many blogging websites admittedly,  with some costing money. However, the majority of blog platforms are free! WordPress is completely free to sign up and use.Blogging does not cost money unless you want to upgrade your account or buy extras but then that decision lays with you.
  5. Blogging Takes up To Much Time. Of course researching topics you want to write about is going to take time but when you already have a head full of information you will be surprised at how quickly you translate that into a blog. On average it takes about 3 hours more per blog post when researching another topic compared to the average hour it takes me to write a post based on experiences etc.

There you have it, a quick guide to blogging myths.


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