13 Best Autumn Essentials

Title: 12 Best Autumn Essentials.

If youre reading this post and thinking that I’m crazy because summer hasn’t even finished then think again! It is only 34 days until its officially autumn! This checklist will provide you with a checklist of the best autumn essentials.


  1. Boys Clothes. Not literally, but the ‘boyish’ look is completely in at the moment. We can get away with wearing long shirts and jeans with sneakers and be so on point with fashion and autumn! Check out Cosmopolitan on how to perfect this trend!
  2. Monthly Cinema Pass. Vue Cinemas do an amazing monthly ticket pass for only £17.40!!! That is only like 3 entry prices for a whole month. This is essential for the awful winter nights. You can even benefit now because Finding Dory is a must see!!
  3. A Decent Quilt  preferably one that is more than 11 tog. It is showing to be one of the coldest winters in decades, sleeping in yesterday’s clothes are only for summer!
  4. Instant hot chocolate. There’s nothing more comforting that getting back from work after a 9-5 than to come home, get into bed drink your choccie. Oh and not that you need another reason to drink hot chocolate but its MILES cheaper than a Costa.the power of (1).png We all need to save those Christmas pennies, after all, its only 4 months away **shrieks**.
  5. Over the knee boots. They are the new trend, and they’re practical. Who would have thought you can be stylish and free from soaking socks at this time of year. Might want to ask your boyfriend for them though, as they don’t come cheap.
  6. A piggy bank. We all wish for Christmas months in advance. Its gets to December 23rd and its then you realise you haven’t bought one present. Get a piggy bank, start saving and be productive.
  7. A tastecard. It’s quite simply, a card that gives you up to 50% off selected restaurants. They are currently offering a 30 day free trial. Its getting colder, no more getting drunk down the local park – its just not practical!
  8. Self Tan. St Tropez has recently launched their amazing new in-shower self tan product. I’ve used this and it is AMAZING. In the winter its so cold that tanning tn.jpgbecomes a chore. Standing in your bedroom, naked, freezing = rough. The in-shower tan is perfect because it provides you with a summer glow too!
  9. Vaseline is the ‘go to’ cosmetic especially in autumn for girls and boys! The days are getting colder, we all know the feeling of dry lip and its horrendous, it also comes in so many different flavours that you’ll never be spoilt for choice.
  10. Netflix. Nothing is better than having hundreds of unlimited movies and series to watch at the click of a button. For only £6.99 per month and you are not tied into a contract. Dark nights mean watching movies and eating popcorn. You must try the Tony Robbins documentary which will give you some winter goals.tony
  11. Novelty tissue packets. Everyone needs a handy pack of tissues when they’re out and about. These are cute, easy to take around and it doesn’t involve you pulling lines of paper out of your bag!
  12. A book light. As the days are getting darker earlier, they are essentially becoming shorter. Rather than stay in the library, take the books home, sit in bed and read with a book light. They are super handy, and save on the electricity bills too!
  13. A winter coat. An ‘Autumn Essentials’ list would not be true to itself if it didn’t recommend everyone have a funky winter coat. We live in the UK, it is always going to be cold and wet and unpredictable. Possibly a coat that doesn’t weigh more than you, because one minute it could be wet and the next 100 degrees – that’s global warming for you.





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