My Vegan Virginity.

Tales of a vegan outing.

I’m a self confessed fuss pot when it comes to food. Truthfully, it’s hard for me to eat out without having to analyse whether its the right place for me.img_0404

Life is too short to spend money in crappy restaurants. I love food so naturally, I want my big fat stomach to be happy. So yeah, It makes choosing the perfect restaurant virtually impossible!

I never ‘stumble’ upon a restaurant because I need time to plan. Like carefully plan. Tonight though, it wasn’t one of those. I stumbled (as in tripped on my way in – literally) upon this amazing 100% vegan restaurant. The first of its kind in the city.
As a semi-veggie( someone who eats only certain meats/fish but can’t class themselves as vegetarian) I appreciate different cuisines. I was excited for my experience.

The menu was filled of homemade, Israeli inspired dishes using only the best fresh ingredients. Anything from carrot pancakes to red lentil and coconut curry.

Find vegan recipes here.

Needless to say sifting through the menu was hard. There was so much choice and 0% of that shite pre-packed muck. It was so fresh. My decision was so hard because I could have ordered everything. I ordered a middle eastern breakfast (admittedly at 8:30pm but who cares eh?) and a Costa Rican mocha.img_0405

A middle eastern breakfast:

  • Chickpea pancakes
  • Homemade hummus
  • Fruit jam
  • Freshly seeded bread
  • Selection of olives
  • Shakshuka with tofu (onions, tomatoes and seeds cooked into a sauce like broth)

Costa Rican Mocha:

  • Unpowdered Costa Rican chocolate
  • Fresh Coffee (Clifton Coffee Roasters)


Ok, so you want my verdict?


Veganism isn’t as boring as people may think(but I knew that anyway)!

The food was sensational but I kinda thought it would be. The cafe was so tastefully designed; I knew the food would live up to the standard of the rest of the place. I’m not going to describe the way it looked because I took like a thousand photos to show you instead. After all, the proof is in the pudding.
The restaurant was inspired by the owner, a Hare Krishna monk. He was the most cheerful, happy guy and he was super excited we weren’t vegan! Yes you read that right- weren’t! I know what you’re thinking – vegans preach veganism. But peeps – you couldn’t be far from the truth. Like we’re passionate about eating those donuts whilst binging on a friends box set, vegans are eating their tofu whilst binging on the discovery channel. Point proven k?
The name of the restaurant is Anna Loka. Anna means food, health or earth and Loka means world or planet in Sanskrit.img_0475

Vegetarian Hare Krishna Recipes here.
I’m so comvinced vegan is the new lbd(little black dress). It fits in any place, any time and if your having a fat day then there’s always tofu.
By far the tastiest food I’ve eaten in aggggggeeeesss and guess what! It was super healthy and you have none of that ugly post-meal bloatedness.





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