Blog on the Beach

I want you to imagine right now the feeling of fresh sea air blowing through your hair. The warm crunchy sand beneath your feet and the sun beaming down on your face. It has to be one of the best feelings in life doesn’t it? When nature feels so good it makes you feel good.

I’m lucky enough to live right on the doorstep of the best beaches in Britain. When it’s sunny it’s 100% the best place to write. If you’re reading this and thinking of starting a blog or you’re someone that already blogs: if haven’t blogged at the beach then you haven’t lived, my friend.

Here are my top 10 essentials needed for my day blogging at the beach. I do not leave the house without them!

1) iPad. I use the iPad Air 2, rose gold. Easy to carry, easy to type and a great way to take those beachy pics.

2) Notepad and pen. Sometimes it’s nice to whip out a fresh notepad to messily scribble your thoughts. If could count the amount of times I’ve left the house without it & wished I hadn’t I’d be at about 500 right now (slight exaggeration but hey, I am a woman – it’s what we do)

3) Magazine. Usually I read vogue or cosmopolitan. If you’re asking why I have good reason. You may get inspo from many sources but mags are packed full of different things it’s an easy way to pick up ideas. And, we all know you just CANT go the beach without one – it’s just human nature.

4) Sunglasses. The sun + iPad screen = recipe for disaster. They look glam, they scream summer-loving and they save you from unnecessary eye burn. Therichpoorgirlblog is my bestie and she has thee best Givenchy specs that she would whip out in a heartbeat.

5) Picnic blanket or beach towel. Bare bum on sand = gross. Take a picnic Blanket and a towel. Blanket for your bum and towel for your ‘spontaneous dip in the sea’. We don’t want water dripping all over our notes now guys.

6) Coconut water. You need that bodily hydration – our mind works better when it’s wetter. Innocent do a new 100% natural coconut water. It tastes like shit but it’s so good for you.
7) Cake. Now as you may or may not know I’m not a salad kind of girl. I love a good chunk of red velvet or a case of carrot cake. A little bit of sugar keeps you alert too, tastes amazing and you don’t get any of that ‘will-my-sarnies-go-soggy palaver’.
8) Bathing suit. Now I don’t know about you but sitting up writing a blog makes for very unflattering stomach rolls. Unfortunately that string bikini we’ve just bought isn’t the most suitable unless you’re a size 6. Hide those rolls with a bathing suit girl.

9) Flip flops. I mean flip flops and not sandals. If you’re going to be walking across the beach to find that perfect blogging spot it’s easier to take your shoes off. Closed backed sandals mean you’ve got to be unzipping, unbuttoning etc. Too much effort.
10) An idea. Have an idea in your head before you arrive that way it will take you seconds for the inspiration to come and the ideas will flow out of you.

Anyway that’s my checklist done. I hope you’ve found value in my list. I mentally go through this checklist every time I’m beaching it because forgetting one item is the difference between a whole day tanning and blogging an an hour tanning and blogging.


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