How to Make Your Blog More Visually Appealing and Rank Higher In Google

Title: How to Make Your Blog More Visually Appealing and Rank Higher In Google

Subtitle: Blog Visuals for Beginners

We all want our posts to be the best right? We can produce the most amazing content but if our blog doesn’t look right who is going to read it? Here are 5 mind blowing facts that will change the way your design your posts forever.

  1. Visuals awaken deep emotions within. It is the first thing that attracts us to a blog. Visuals spark emotions. Our bodies produce an automatic response to the image we see, it invokes feelings within us. Using the correct imagery gives your blog a better chance at ranking highly in Google.
  2. 95%  of people that watch a video retain the message as oppose to text where only 10% retain the message.
  3. Visuals are processed 60,00 x faster in the brain than text. Imagery is key to producing a high-ranking blog which attracts hundreds or even thousands of new visitors a month.
  4. Adding imagery effects how the post get read and shared. There are different types of categories of imagery. You have images that are everywhere, images that are unique, images that are top quality and poor imagery. Which images do you think will have the biggest effect on people?
  5. First ranked pages on google created 320% more traffic than number 3 ranked pages on google. That is the difference between the first three pages on the top of google. Imagine if your post ranks at one of these points by learning all the useful techniques. Youre looking at millions of followers!

So there are some facts that illustrate the importance of making your posts visually appealing. Here are ways in which you can actually achieve visual greatness.

  • Add Youtube videos to your post. Firstly, use videos that relate specifically to what youre talking about. For example, if your post is on Coffee Production and youManufacturing; choose a video on Youtube that shows the processes undertaken. Relate it to a specific point. Secondly, find videos that have a high thumbs up ratio to thumbs down ratio. You don’t have to watch the video just assess them using this technique. This saves you a lot of time when choosing the video and gives you the peace of mind knowing the video is useful. Thirdly,  use videos that are under 20 minutes for maximum engagement.
  • Use Twitter images. Type in a search query in twitter and get an image that relates to your query. The benefit of using Twitter images specifically is that users can directly interact with each image. Use quotes and  image quotes. Search the topic and grab a quote. Use statistics such as graphs. All this can be searched via twitter. You also have the option to create your own image tweets that you can embed in your posts. Also, Twitter images are FREE!
  • Use slideshare slideshows. You can filter slideshare results to gain what you need for your blog. These are a great way to make your blog pop and stand out from the competition.
  • Use infographics.  Infographics are the key to all visuals. In 100 million articles it was found that infographics produce more shares than any other social media tool. Two paths to take with infographics, you can create  your owninfographic or use another one.
  • Use social media icons. Social media icons such as the instagram, YouTube and
    Facebook symbols are instantly recognisable. These will give weight to your blog posts.



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