Pineapple Clothes, The New Revolution. Introducting Pinatex and Carmen Hijosa.

Title: Pineapple Clothes, The New Revolution. Introducing Piñatex  and Carmen Hijosa.

Subtitle: Garments Made from Pineapple, The Eco-Friendly Vegetarian Company Piñatex

Garments made from pineapple leaves, can you believe it? Yes I’m not kidding you. Piñatex is the trade mark name of the ‘innovative, natural and sustainable textile’ made from pineapple leaves.

Piñatex is a non-woven mesh, it is not knitted or weaved but bonded together using the pineapple’s naturally long fibres. The products look as if they have been constructed in another way with the finished product absolutely astounding.


As the leaves get discarded when we eat a pineapple, the textile is completely sustainable and produces virtually no waste. The ‘leftovers’ of the production process get turned into biomass waste too!

The developments started in the Philippines but research was conducted in Europe too. Its a cultural, research based company using inspiration and pulling knowledge from every angle of the globe.

T H E   I D E A

The founder of Piñatex is Carmen Hijosa. Carmen worked as a consultant within the leather products industry in The Philipines. She began her idea when realising that the quality of clothes were too poor. At the time the Barong Tagalog ( a traditional filipino garment) provided inspiration.  The Barong Tagalog is made out pineapple leaf fibres, Jusi fabric woven from abaca or banana silk and banana fabric.

This gave Hijosa the idea that actually, pineapple leaves have a strong bonding quality that could enable her to produce garments solely from the leaves. That is what she did and developed the incredible Piñatex



F A R M I N G.

Carmen Hijosa has created a huge breakthrough in the farming world. It has created a whole new industry of farming and an encouragement for those farmers to grow pineapples! Not just a sustainable product but a sustainable growing and harvesting culture which produces money in a cycle. Grow then harvest, grow then harvest etc.


  • Pineapple leaves make up the brand that is Piñatex. The fibres are extracted from the leaves during a process called decortication which is done by the farming industry.
  • The fibres then get sent to a workshop where they undergo a process by which they become non-woven material.
  • If you can’t understand what non-woven material is (just like I did the first time I researched it) then fear not. Non-woven material is produced by forming a net of fibres which are constructed by the use of mechanical, thermal and chemical processes



In the Western world we couldn’t imagine wearing something out leaves right? Wouldn’t it fall apart? The answer to both those questions is No.

Pinatex has so many amazing, revolutionary qualities.

  • Strong
  • Flexible
  • Sustainable
  • Natural
  • No use of pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Versatile
  • Tested under ISO international standards
  • 100% animal free
  • 100% vegetarian
  • 100% vegan

I love writing about new companies that offer something back to the world. Companies that produce products that benefit us as people but create industries that help farming.


P R O D U C T S.

The product range is stunning. It ranges from fashion to furniture and can even be used in car and aeronautic industries. Buying these products would mean endorsing such a wonderful, innovative, vegetarian and vegan company that will forever change the middle eastern farming sectors and the way we buy clothes forever.

You must take a look at the website and read all about this amazing company that will soon be taking the world by storm.

If you want to find out more about similar companies and products see my post on Matt&Nat the incredible company that produces designer products out of recycled materials.


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