Matt & Nat And All Things Designer. Vegan Clothes Company


Are you thinking who’s Matt and who’s Nat?

Oh hunny, they aren’t people that would be too easy. They are a brand. A brand that sells the best handbags known to man. The name was inspired by MATerial and NATure. The  materials on earth that could be turned into amazing things inspired by  the world and nature. Leather or any other animal based materials are strictly banned and anything recyclable is welcomed – its a completely vegan company. The bags are made from nylons, cardboard, cork and even rubber. Eco friendly and sustainable. Get this, the linings of the bags are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.Mat & Nat embrace their motto – ‘Live Beautifully‘. I will tell you one thing, I would sure live beautifully for a long time if I could get my hands on their latest collection.


This isn’t some jumped up company trying to preach about the damage we do to the environment. They don’t need to. Their motto, their passion and their products speak for themselves. I actually would not feel guilty for buying a bag here because youre helping an ethically sound company to grow as well as helping yourself.

I always get so excited when I discover a new company that isn’t the typical ‘high street’ or obvious ‘designer’. I bought one of these bags years ago and found it recently in amongst some old things whilst doing the annual wardrobe cleanse.

The most stunning burnt orange hand held bag. I cant remember how much I bought it for because it must have been about 5 years ago now but it looks bloody expensive!img_0515

Let me tell you this bag is timeless. Weirdly it looks like leather and even feels a bit like leather but it’s 100% pvc !!img_0514

 I hope the pictures do it justice. I always get compliments on this bag  and I never have to worry about someone else having the same one!

They have such a huge range of amazingly unique bags – you HAVE to check out the Cork range!

S  A L E

 They have a huge sale on at Mat & Nat at the moment. The bags are stunning – they all look expensive. The prices are actually affordable too. You can pick up a tote for about £60  in the sale! You can find them on insta as well as their website.


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