5 Ways to Kick the Back-To-Work Blues

Title: 5 Ways to Kick the Back-to-Work Blues.

We all know heading back to work after a mini-break or the holiday of a lifetime is tough. Actually, its more than tough, its hellish.

Coming from a climate of 30+ degrees, crystal blue swimming pools, endless elegant mojitos and days that are filled with doing absolutely nothing and then transitioning to the 9-5 slog is not pretty. Here are some tips that will make the huge jump seem like a tiny micro step (I know, I do like to over exaggerate).

  1. Wake up a little earlier. If youre thinking I’m made for even suggesting this then please read on because I do have an explanation. Waking up a little earlier will give you extra time to be prepared. Preparing means no last minute panics which will set your day off as you mean to go on. Extra time for that Starbucks skinny latte or extra time for hair and makeup prep. If youre a guy reading this then less time in bed still means more prep time but it also means more breakfast time. It really works.
  2. Gym. If you havent joined a gym, do it now. exercise releases endorphines that make you feel good. No better time to join a gym on the return from a holiday or mini-break when work seems so painful and your mood is so low. If youre already a member book yourself onto that class on Monday. The class will be something you will look forward to making the day seem easier.
  3. Arrange an outing. Call your friends and arrange a meet-up for a day in the week. I’m writing this as if its Sunday and your dreaded return to work is tomorrow. So call your friends, plan for the week ahead and give yourself something to look forward to. P.s. you can show off that tan too – who said killing two birds with one stone wasnt easy!
  4. Read. Read a book in your lunch hour. Books transport you to a different world – it could even transport you back to your holiday world. Reading in your luch time will stop you from thinking about how awful your day has been because your focus will have shifted. Motivational or books on success help because youre improving yourself without even trying. Nothing like beating blues that improving yourself right?
  5. Feel confident. Feeling confident in yourself is the key to success. Feeling pretty, or handsome or in shape makes you feel positive and positive thinking conquers all. If youre going to work tomorrow and dreading it – think about that holiday tan you get to show off. Get out your best work uniform and feel good about feeling good. IT really works. Youre not going to beat the holiday blues if you feel ugly.

There we have it, my 5 tips to beating the holiday blues.


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