Lies, Lies, Lies – Why do people lie?The Truth Behind Lying.

Title: Lies Lies Lies, The truth behind lying.

Subtitle: The science behind why people lie.

It’s a weird concept knowing the truth behind lying. Like how do we do it? Why do we do it? What does it say about us?

I’ve always been interested in why people lie and how we change our lying/truth telling behaviour in certain circumstances. We all do it right? Some of us lie frequently, some don’lie at all. We tell either major lies, little white lies or  mixture of both.Really think for a moment… WHY do we do this?

We might tell lies to save someone else’s feelings:  ‘ Yes darling, you look good in that dress’.

We might tell lies because we believe lying is the best option: ‘Father Christmas is real’.

We might tell lies because it is necessary to achieve the outcome: ‘Its a surprise birthday party so don’t tell him what were doing’

We might tell lies to avoid a sanction: ‘ I was late because I was stuck in traffic’.

You may be reading this and thinking that some of these above statements are not actually forms of lying – I can tell you now that you’re wrong. The definition of lying is’not telling the truth’. It is not ‘not telling the truth in certain circumstances’ so why is it that at certain times in certain situations we JUSTIFY our LIES. We are taught that lying is wrong from a young age yet at times we justify that wrong.Untitled design

Also, we lie because we FEEL something. We lie to avoid an outcome that is either going to cause us pain or pleasure.

Take the first example, we lie to save someone else’s feelings because it will make us FEEL bad if they found out what we really thought. We want them to be HAPPY that’s why we tell ourselves that lying is the right thing to do in this CIRCUMSTANCE.

We lie about having certain things not because we like lying or it makes us feel great to lie but because the idea that someone thinks we have more than we do makes us FEEL superior or HAPPY or WORTHY.

So as I’m no scientist I am yet to conclude why it is we lie and how our lying varies on the circumstance were in and the emotion we feel. I have watched and read some really cool things that have helped me gather a better understanding of our lying life!

Check these out:


Dis(honesty): The Truth About Lies.

  • Behavioural Scientist Dan Ariely seeks to explore the rationale behind lies. Its on Netflix at the moment and its so great.
  • You can also buy his book here  . He has written a few books but this is the most recent and corresponds with the documentary.


TV Series:l

Lie to me.

  • This is probably one of the most awesome series I have watched on Netflix. It was on Tv a few years back. It stars Tim Roth as an eccentric, intelligent professor who can tell when people are lying. Its more of a crime drama but it is based n the real work of Paul Ekman. Ekman is an American psychologist known as the best human lie detector. He is a pioneer of the studies of emotions and their relation to facial expressions. It details how facial expressions and body language detect when a person is lying. Its based on true research so its fun to use it in day to day lives.
  • You can Paul Ekmans book here (I have chosen the latest book for you).



Paul Ekmans website details his story and every useful piece of information if youre interested in micro-expressions and the truth behind lying.


The hunt for more information is underway. Learning about this stuff is so cool! Use the information you learn on your friends and family – its fun! You never know you could be the next human lie detector!






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