How to Make Money Online for Beginners. My Amazon Journey – from Zero to Freedom – Part 4:

Title: My Amazon Journey – from Zero to Freedom in 3 months.

Subtitle: Current situation with Amazon FBA – How to make money online

Welcome back guys, if you’re following my journey you will know that my last post was letting you know that I have registered my company and my  business bank  account has been set up.

Now I mentioned last time about lending. I essentially, wanted a loan from the bank to help with my start-up costs – they wouldn’t give it to me. Some issue with me not having a mortgage or any valuable assets.So my current situation at the moment is that I am trying to find other ways to get the money I need for 2

I quit my job so my income has stagnated, im slowly running out of money and im at a point where I now need it to live and need it for my business.

So im looking for a job at the moment to save that money. I live in a small town so im not just looking in one area for a position. If I have to move then i will. I need to remember this is a journey so i have to do what is necessary – it doesn’t all come at once.

But fear not – I have found a few ways where i can spend my time trying to make money from home. There are so many valuable ways you can make money without doing what im doing right now – searching for hours for mediocre jobs that probably wont accept you because you havent got  a degree when you know you’re over qualified for the position. It does get very repetitive. I am trying to stay inspired but most days im frustrated because I can’t get to where i need to be.

So How to Make Money Online:

  • Amazon Affiliates.
  • Amazon Kindle.
  • Blog
  • Youtube

Now these are not immediate sources of income but with the work you put in every day they will eventually create different streams of income.

Amazon Associates – Affiliate Programme:

This is how google explains the Programme:

Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program that allows website owners and bloggers to create links and earn referral fees when customers click-through and buy products from It’s completely free to join and easy to use.

So if you’re a blogger sign up to the programme – the only thing you can lose is the 2 minutes it takes you to sign up!

Amazon Kindle.

Employ someone to create book for you (not as hard as it sounds) try or and you’ll find someone in about 5 minutes! Put your book on Amazon, gather review and watch the money role in. The only thing you lose if the initial cost of the book which can vary from £40 to £60 but with enough research you’ll be making BANK.


Many people make it big on YouTube. They get sponsors, the gain free stuff and they get famous. If you have an area which you’re good at – start making videos. People don’t read about making money anymore they watch it! Sign up for an account and get those videos uploaded!


Blogging doesn’t cost anything and it gives you a platform to express yourself. Eventually, the more valuable content you put out the more people are going to see it. You can make money through advertising products and it could lad you some pretty cool jobs. One of my friends who is NOT famous and he doesnt have hundreds of thousands of followers has just been approached for a book deal!


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