Cafe Vista, Tenby – Coffee Review. Reasons to Visit Wales

Title: Cafe Vista, Coffee house review.

Subtitle: Coffee and all things coffee.

3 Crackwell St, Tenby, Dyfed SA70 7HA

Cafe vista is a beautiful little gem, Georgian ceilings and white-wash walls. Located on an old cobbled street  in a period building, the place is delightful. The front of the cafe is lit by high bay windows with a view straight out to the back, overlooking the sea.  The menu is scrolled on a blackboard as you walk in; it includes food, cakes and coffees. The breakfast menu was simple and healthy. I got a quirky vibe when I walked in. The staff  were very stylish and promotional posters for the live jazz band scattered the bar.


The centre piece of this quaint little cafe was the balcony overlooking the whole of Tenby harbour. If you haven’t been to Tenby, you must visit.  Tenby is in Pembrokeshire, West Wales (coffee places to visit in Pembrokeshire).Everything is sweet, country and very antique. With 4 tables and many chairs it can fit a good amount of people. I think this is important to note as places often entice you with ‘outdoor seating’ but what they really mean is ‘ one table and two chairs on a slab of patio’. The view was incredible.aa


I ordered a Flat White, Americano and greek yoghurt with fruit and honey. The flat white was served in a standard china mug. The coffee was beautifully decorated, thick and smelled fresh and crisp.  The coffee was the expression of a Flat White. The milk was the perfect thickness and I later noticed they added two shots of coffee instead of one ( some cafes do not do this).If youre thinking what is a flat white. It is the same as a cappuccino but the milk is more smooth and the coffee content is more stronger. It was served with a Biscoff, if you don’t know what this is let me explain. Biscoff literally mean biscuit and coffee (BisCoff). They are made specifically to enhance the flavour of coffee as well as adding that  touch of sweetness.

The Americano was served in a taller cup.  I may be a bit picky when it comes to ‘The Serve’, as I like to call it. The differentiation in cups is key. Some coffees require different cups to enhance the ratio of coffee to milk/water. Here, The Serve was great. Both mugs were as I’d expect.The coffee was smooth and drank easily with a neat layer of crema. Usually, with a black coffee(Americano) the hit can be too intense giving you that jittery ‘I’ve drank too much caffeine’ feel. But, like the flat white the coffee created that slow and steady knock and I didn’t feel quite so sick after drinking it.

B L E N D / R O A S T

The type of coffee was 100% Arabica from Central America. All pure coffee varieties will create a firm, full bodied flavour and this was no different.The Arabica bean indulges a medium but intense flavour with a hint of acidity. Very rich, very balanced. The coffee is also sourced locally and can be bought direct from the supplier! I also want to note that a few cafes in the local area use the exact same coffee (definitely  a testament to the coffee itself!) The name of the coffee is Allaways and they roast their own coffee( coffee roastery, roasted coffee)

I  felt like I had a good coffee and a slow but steady caffeine boost. It was thoroughly satisfying and perfectly delicious.


The atmosphere was perfect. The Cafe was small but cwtchy (as the Welsh like to say). The staff were relatively young but the customers were diverse. From 20’s – 70’s the cafe attracts many visitors, I’m assuming from the good food and beautiful views. So if you want to catch up with friends or spend your morning with your grandparents, this cafe is the one for you.

I would definitely return.



Atmosphere : 9

Food: 8

Coffee: 9.5


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