5 Best Self Help Books on How to Be Healthy and Successful and How to Maintain the Best You.

Title: Books on Success – Healthy Mind, Body and Soul

Subtitle: Recommended books on success for healthy body and mind. 


This isn’t a boring book review post so please don’t run  away yet. This is a post about the books I use to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul. If it sounds too cliché then im sorry but I’m forever reading about new books on the market that help with this and that and aim to promote health. I always find that the bigger the marketing campaign the bigger the BS. I want to tell you about how these books have actually WORKED for me. Now you know Im super big on Tony Robbins and how he has changed my life but I also want you to know how health books can change your life even within a few pages.

Sleep, A Very Short Introduction:13835950_605652572929649_2002700236_o.jpg

  1. Sleep: Now we are always fighting with sleep, forever questioning ourselves. Did I have enough sleep last night? What is the ACTUAL importance of sleep? Why can’t I sleep? I know I struggle too. I am a firm believer of the 7-8 hours a night – every night. I HATE waking up early knowing that I’ve had less than my recommended amount. I always worry about not sleeping even when im trying to get to sleep. We all have that thing where our minds are as empty as a goldfish tank in the day and then when it comes to night-time we have a full on philosophical rave going on in our head. This book, a Very Short Introduction to Sleep is a tiny little book which breaks down all the elements of sleep and what we need to do to get enough of it. I carry it round with me when im worried that my busy weekends have taken it out of me. That way I can educate myself on the go, teach myself cool things to do when i get into bed that night. Its really cool and really cheap and it will stop all those endless nights googling ‘how to get to sleep’!

The Pocket Guide to Vitamins:


2) If you’re a serial partygoer then this book is a must for you.Its crazy how you learn from this small book about the importance of supplements in your diet. If you’re drinking most weekends then youre not going to be getting your essential vits in are you? I always find that a bit of broccoli and an apple can make me FEEL like im getting in my nutrition but when I actually educate myself on the importance of consistency, I realise im not. If on the other hand you love your supplements and live by them but havent actually read anything that should tell you which supplements to take then you should read this! Also check out my most recent post  on a Guide to Vitamins where I break things down pretty easily and tell you why you should supplements!

Optimum Nutrition Bible:

3) That feeling you get when you’re sick of everyone around you with their smoothies and filtered fruit infused water and you wonder how these people are so ‘healthy aware’. This book has taught me so much about controlling my weight, detoxing and choosing the correct foods to eat. Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t mean I pack my lunches full of broccoli and Spirulina but it does teach the importance of foods and how they can prevent future illnesses. This book is so easy to read and the value is incredible. Don’t buy into these well marketed, company fed books that preach – ‘never eat chocolate again‘ and all that jazz. Get educated and then beat all those so-called ‘health fanatics’ that eat beans on rye for lunch and snack on an apple. Jealous much? Dont be any more.

Optimum Nutrition For The Mind:  13843644_605652206263019_1583019129_o.jpg

4) So have you ever thought that you seem really moody lately? OR you’re questioning why little things have annoyed you? I have, I always do. Weird mood swings or the lack to do anything – concentration a mess. People always think it’s because of personal circumstances or that ‘youre a bit stressed at the moment’. Have you ever considered its because of the food youre eating? I never did until I read this book. I’ve read it about 3 times because it helps me learn things about my habits and how the foods I’m eating are effecting my moods. It helps understand how issues such as depression can helped through the correct use of vitamins and minerals (see my last post on A Guide to Vitamins). It’s awesome as a present too!

Becoming A Supple Leopard: 13839671_605652352929671_1382984172_o.jpg

5) My boyfriend bought this book two years ago and I think he paid about £55 for it. Safe to say I went NUTS. Why would you pay that amount on a book?! That was my outlook until about 4 months later it was lying around so I scouted through the pages to see if it was actually worth it. The book is focused on mobility and how to perfect movements (e.g. exercises you tend to do in the gym, squats, deadlifts, lunges, raises etc). The book is filled with pictures showing you exactly how to do each workout and the reasons WHY. If you want to look a piece in the gym then you need to get this book! Girls who squat is definitely a good look! Oh and did I mention the guy who wrote this, Kelly Starrett, revolutionised how athletes think about movement and athletic performance. So yes, it really is worth the money.


So there it is, my view on mind, body and soul in a couple of books. I have a lot more which are also super beneficial – I’ve include some pics.



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