I Am Not Your Guru Review, Tony Robbins – Netflix Documentary. How To Overcome Pain.

Title: I Am Not Your Guru – Tony Robbins.

Subtitle: Tony Robbins Netflix Review


Netflix is like thee best place to watch away your life –  anytime anywhere and their Netflix Originals are getting better by the day. Tony Robbins is one of the most successful motivational speakers, personal finance instructors and self-help authors that has ever lived. He grew up in an extremely poor household with a destructive mother and knew as he aged that he didn’t want to live that life anymore. He literally clawed his way to the top – the top of himself. He found it in himself to become a leader, a helper and a mentor. He has changed millions of lives, he feeds millions of starving people, he gives millions of dollars to the needy(or even people like me and you) and his work is LIFE CHANGING. Now if you’re reading this as a sceptic like me, then youre thinking what a load of bull. I kid you not I felt like that until about a month ago. I started reading his book Awaken The Giant Within(see my blog post on a review of the book) one day because it was lying around my house and I thought – why not?!Within a few hours I was convinced his guy was a genius! I have lived and breathed his teachings every day since.

ANYWAY, he has NEVER in his 30+ years of Tony Robbins Seminars let cameras into his conventions. Now as an overview people sell their furniture and everything they own to attend his seminars. They are NOT cheap. So you would expect something awesome for a weekend that has cost you a few thousand dollars right? Right. This documentary showcases his unorthodox methods of making people figure out how to ‘breakthrough’. ‘Breakthrough is the most commonly used word throughout this Netflix documentary.

It means to breakthrough to your inner desires and release the ability to access them.

Tony Robbins, I am not Your Guru..

  • You will see women break up with their partners on loudspeaker in front of thousands of people because Tony Robbins tells them to. They don’t realise it’s what they need until AFTER they have done it.
  • You will see women talk about the sexual abuse they suffered as a child and how Tony Robbins(and the thousands of people around him) shows them they are loved. And that they MEAN love.
  • You will see men who were suicidal and came to the convention with their last hope of breaking through and finding a new meaning in life. Tony Robbins makes them reach inside their self and conquer their feelings of despair.
  • You will see couples who talk about how much they love each other and Tony Robbins will say that they don’t or they’re wrong for each other.

He literally flips any profession on its head. He doesnt use conventional techniques  to ‘fix’ people he just knows what these people really want from their life and how teach them how to get it.

You MUST watch it.

 It is truly the best Netflix original going! Oh and Girls, i don’t know if you’ve seen the pictures of him but wooahh that should give you any reason to watch him!


tony 1



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