How to be Successful and Find Inspiration From Within – Guide to Tony Robbins.

Title: How to be Successful and Find Inspiration From Within – Guide to Tony Robbins.

Subtitle:Finding Inspiration from Within with ‘Awaken the Giant Within‘.

I know you’ve heard of Tony Robbins(Antony Robbins) before and if you haven’t I’m sure you saw him cameo in Shallow Hal (which is the best film going and Jack Black is the best actor!).tony 3He is honestly one of the most successful, inspirational, motivational, intelligent, business minded people have I ever researched. I am going to do something that has NEVER BEEN SEEN OR DONE BEFORE.

I’m not going to review Tony Robbins book, Awaken the Giant Within in the normal ‘boring book review’ kinda way – ‘it was good, it helped me, his writing was great‘ blah blah blah. I am going to SUMMARISE EACH CHAPTER and provide you with an OVERVIEW of his work. If you havent read the book and want to know exactly what he talks about then look no further. Firstly,I’ll tell you how my life changed after I started reading Tony Robbins’ book.

My Story:

I had been ill for months I was working in place that I really didn’t enjoy(slight understatement but use of transformational vocabulary which you will learn about). I had just moved to the countryside and was looking for work asap so I started working in a restaurant. I knew there wasn’t any progression but I needed to pay my rent and so I carried on.

I started getting ill in early April 2016 and that lasted until late June 2016 but I kept ploughing through. After a few hospital visits and a subsequent hospital stay I knew that when I recovered I wanted to change the way I was living my life.

Now, my boyfriend is a keen book-buyer. By that I mean he buys loads of books but never reads them. So I found this Tony Robbins(Antony Robbins) book in our living room ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ and I thought I should read it. I started reading it and within about 20 minutes I was convinced that this is what I’ve been searching for. Something that will Awaken my Giant within. I  promised myself I would finish the book within a week and learn from all of his experiences and advises.

I did it, just. I finished the book in just over a week reading more than 1-3 hours a day.

The book is probably the single most best thing I have ever read. I read it with a mindset that I wanted to change my life after being ill for what seemed like forever.

With my positive mindset and his inspirational words I started the journey to take my life back. I decided to Awaken the Giant Within.

It sounds cliché and youre if you’ve got this far you’re probably bored already but hang for a few minutes because Im going to tell you chapter by chapter what this book will teach you. I am writing in this post an overview and a summarisation of Tony Robbins’ exact advice and his words. Im not going to talk about his writing techniques – that’s boring. This man is too valuable not to discuss what it is he TALKS about!! Reading this will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

You can purchase his  book from Amazon for under £8 here.

Part 1 – Overview:

  • The book was written in 1991 this was three years before I was born but let me tell you. Reading this book nearly 25 years later, it is 100% relevant.
  • The book has four parts – each part you could probably read through in two days at a time. The book is written in a way that is easy to understand and is so powerful. It doesn’t consume you but it makes you think, makes you re-evaulate things that you wouldn’t normally do.


I am going to talk through Part One of Awaken the Giant Within byTony Robbins, the rest will follow in subsequent blog posts.

You will learn so much:

  1.  Hour of Power
  2. The Date with Destiny
  3. The Tony Robbins seminars
  4. The importance of neuroassociative conditioning
  5. The importance of words and metaphors
  6. Transformational vocabulary.


Remember this is a Self-Help book so everything is based on being a more positive, better version of yourself. It is not a story.

This is a Tony Robbins book review.

Part One – Unleash Your Power.

  1. Dreams of Destiny
  2. Decisions: The Pathway to Power
  3. The Force That Shapes Your Life
  4. Belief Systems: The Power To Create  and the Power To Destroy
  5. Can Change Happen in An Instant?
  6. How to Change Anything in Your Life: The Science of Neuroassociative Conditioning.
  7. How to Get What You Really Want
  8. Questions are the Answer
  9. The Vocabulary of Ultimate Success
  10. Destroy the Blocks, Break Down the Wall,Let go of the Rope, Dance your way to Success: The Power of Life Metaphors
  11. The Ten Emotions of Power
  12. The magnificent Obsession – Creating a Compelling Future
  13. The Ten-Day Metal Challenge.

By on Amazon now!

  1. Dreams of Destiny, Chapter 1:

This chapter talks through the first steps you can change right now to be closer to reach your dreams. STORIES

Step 1: Raise your standards. Demand more of yourself. Stop thinking you can’t do it or you’re not good enough. Change yourself and the way you see yourself. Only you can do this.

Step 2: Change your limiting beliefs. Change the way you see things. Your beliefs – change them to enable you to fulfill step one. Tell yourself you can meet whatever challenges you face. Limiting beleifs are those things we all have telling us we can’t do something. Only we can change it.

Step 3: Change your strategy. You may know what you want but if you dont know how to get there then you must change your strategy to be one step closer to your destiny. If you don’t know how to change your beliefs then find another way to enable you to do that. Tony Robbins(Antony Robbins) talks through 5 steps that will help you do this, help you realise what it is youre trying to do.

  1. Emotional Mastery. We do things to change the way we feel. We want to feel happy so we will do things that make us feel that way. Thats why we dont do things we dont want to like, not checking our account balance because if we haven’t got enough it makes us sad so we put it off. Everything we do in life is to have pleasure and to avoid pain.
  2. Physical Mastery.  To feel good you must feel you look good and you must know you’re in control of your life.  If you’ve got the mind to make a change but not the health and physical capability then you must master this collectively. Step 2 to being closer to your destiny, Tony says is to be healthy.
  3. Relationship Mastery. Master all your relationships, feel love, feel passion and feel deep connections with people. By doing this you will learn how to better connect with other people in the world and throughout life not just the people you know. Contribution. Contributing to other people’s’ lives will help you mould yours into the life youve only dreamed of.
  4. Financial Mastery. Change the way you view and spend money. Experience wealth in a different way.
  5. Time Mastery. Time is only relative. We always have enough time to do whatever it is we need to do but we dont use it entirely in  the way we should. What you can achieve in one day doesnt depend on time but depends on the way you use that time.

Do you see where i’m going with this. If you were to read this book these the type of things you will learn. Tony Robbins has this amazing way to make us think differently about the things that we do everyday that we NEVER REALLY THINK ABOUT (yes I’m mind blown too). This Tony Robbins book review is the best yet.

2. Decisions: The Pathway to Power .

This chapter talks about the importance of decision making in your life. This for me was a huge breakthrough in my life. I never really made affirmative decisions to act NOW or to commit to somethingSTORIES (1). I always thought ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’.Deciding to be committed to something, Tony Robbins says will change your life. You already possess the power to make decisions. You can learn to do it you just HAVE to do it. Rosa Parks made the decision to refuse to give up her seat and from that decision a revolution was created. ‘Its not where you start out but the decisions you make about where youre determined to end up’. ‘The way to make better decisions is to make more of them’.

Robbins says there are three decisions that control your destiny:

Decisions about:

  1. What to focus on
  2. What things mean to you
  3. What to do to create the results you desire

Things you must do:

Commit, take action, know whats working and what isnt, continue to change your approach until you fulfil your need.

6 Way to Harness the Power of Decision:

  1. Remember the true power of making decisions
  2. Hardest step is making a true decision
  3. Make decisions often
  4. Learn from your new decisions
  5. Stay committed to your decisions but stay flexible in your approach ( this one is really important for me because I always feel like if I set myself a task and don’t complete it on time then I’m failing)
  6. Enjoy making decisions.

You see something as normal as making decisions which you never really evaluate as important – Tony Robbins delves into decision making and tells you WHY it is so important. What he says makes total sense. Once you read it, you are AWARE of it and thus that’s how it impacts your life.

3) The Force that Shapes your life:

This chapter is about our need as human beings to want pleasure and to avoid pain. Everything we do in life is to avoid pain and to maximise pleasure (think about it for a second, think of one thing you do every day. Now think why you do it. Is it because you have to do it or is it because if you don’t do it it will bring you some sort of pain. This is what Tony Robbins is teaching you). What you link pain and what you link pleasure to shapes your destiny.STORIES (4)

Robbins uses this anecdote:

‘One reason I never drank alcohol is that as a child there were a couple of people in my family who acted so obnoxiously when drunk that I associated extreme pain to drinking any alcohol’. We need to change what we link pain and pleasure to in order to shape our destiny to how we want it. Pain will set you back. We need to eliminate the cause of the problem. It is through neuroassociations that have been established in our nervous systems that determine what we do. To create change we need to find a new way to experience the same pleasure without negative consequences.

Mind blown – good you should be. Think for a second of why it is you feel a certain way. I have a huge fear of getting ill. I stopped eating meat a few years ago because I was extremely ill from it one night. I got admitted to hospital and the pain was so bad I thought I was going to die. I associate that pain of being ill to eating meat. Still to this day I dont eat it. Tony says that I need to re-associate through neuroassociations that pain with pleasure ( I am still mastering it)


4) Belief Systems: The Power To Create  and the Power To Destroy

This chapter emphasizes the importance of our beliefs. It is the meaning we attach to certain things that create our beliefs –  not the actual belief itself. e.g. what we have learned through pain and pleasure. We dont choose what we believe and often they are based on misinterpretations and past experiences. A belief is merely a feeling of certainty about something.STORIES (6)

  • Belief is maybe an idea – when someone gives you a compliment that adds to an idea in your mind that you look nice. If that keeps getting built on its a belief, its reinforced.
  • But sometimes beliefs are negative they can cause learned helplessness. If a negative belief is constantly reinforced then it becomes negative reinforcement and you start believing something that isnt true. E.g ‘I’m no good at this’. Tony Robbins state there are:

Three things can destroy our lives. Permanence Pervasiveness and Personal.

CANI is introduced in this chapter. This is Constant And Never Ending Improvement. This is needed to build on all your goals. Knowing your improving your life in any way is the best way to keep moving forward. So CANI is just the basic principle of knowing whatever it is that youre doing, you moving towards a better you.

This is a Tony Robbins book review.

5)Can Change Happen in An Instant?

Ask yourself, can change happen in an instant?We must condition our minds and bodies to change. Change needs to be reinforced immediately after we have actioned it.

Chapter 5 talks about neuro-associative conditioning – NAC. 6 steps to breaking patterns that disempower you. Your brain constantly looks for pain or pleasure.


6) How to Change Anything in Your Life: The Science of Neuroassociative Conditioning.

In order to change our behaviour we must link overwhelming pain to the old behaviour and immediate sensations of pleasure to the new behaviour.  When you say it outload it may sound silly but its so true. This is where NAC and its step are used (this is more of a science based approach)

NAC Step 1) Decide what you want and whats preventing you from having it now – with now being the operative word. Decide what you have to do effect change immediately.

Step 2) Get leverage on yourself. Associate pain by not acting now and massive pleasure to the experience of changing now . Change is a question of motivation and not ability. This step talks about getting leverage on yourself e.g. having something that you know will help you change or push you further to your goal. E.g. if you’re on a diet , do it with a friend and bet that the loser has to eat dog food if they quit. Eating the dog food is leverage for quitting the diet.

Step 3) Interrupt the limiting pattern. Literally as its explained, interrupt a negative pattern with something that’s going to affect you positively. If you are arguing with someone or vice versa – sing a happy song midway through – that interrupts the bad pattern of arguing. Also another way to break the pattern is just to stop it. If you know what it is just stop.

Step 4) Create  new empowering alternative. This step talks about finding a way to replace the old pattern. WE need to consciously choose new behaviours to replace the old ones. If we don’t have an alternative we won’t be able to fully utilise NAC.

Step 5) Condition the new pattern until its consistent. Positive reinforcement is key here. ‘any pattern of emotion or behaviour that is continually reinforced will become automatic and conditioned response. Anything we fail to reinforce will eventually dissipate’. This step enables you to condition your mind to adopt the new pattern of behaviour.

Step 6) Test it. What do you want? Get leverage on yourself? Interrupt your pattern e.g. change what you used to do. Find a new alternative to getting yourself out of pain and into pleasure. Then condition yourself to apply the new behaviours.


7) How to get what you really want.

Our bodies constant change of state affect what we want at that given time.  You act upon your bodies vibes. Motion is important, change the way you walk or the amount of time you sit down and these tiny changes of the body will affect your mind and your state. Robbins notes how easily we can make ourselves feel better just by altering our states.‘All you really want in life is to change how you feel’. Emotions are just are physiology – you can change them if you want. If youre feeling sad find something that immediately makes you happy and focus on that.

This is a Tony Robbins book review on Awaken the Giant Within

8)Questions are the Answer

This chapter talks about how questions can affect our lives and how we view things as well as ourselves. How the difference in  what questions we ask ourselves can affect our lives. Tony Robbins in this chapter wrote a few sentences that made me realise the importance of questions and I am going to mention these and only these to summarise this chapter for you.

Group of gang members where asked what they would kill for. They included things like ‘if someone looked at me funny’, ‘if someone gave me a bad haircut’, ‘if someone disrespected me’. They came up with a list of 37 different reasons as to why they would kill someone. Then the question was asked ‘what would you be willing to be killed for’ and ‘would you be willing to die for looking at someone funny[for example]’ . Their reaction obviously changed and made them think – made them reevaluate EVERYTHING that they ‘stood’ for. They came up with only 4 reasons they were willing to be killed for. This changed heir belief systems. Can you see how a simple question can alter someones thought process and subsequent belief systems.

Another example included the expression of disempowering questions and the effect they can have on us negatively. For example,‘how could he do this to me’  and ‘what have i dont to deserve this’ rather than ‘how do I learn from this’. Can you see how this can affect a person right? This is what this chapter illustrates. Ask better questions and get better answers.


9)The Vocabulary of Ultimate Success.

This chapter talks about the way our vocabulary can affect our lives. Does that sound really silly? I thought that aswell but let me tell you, Tony Robbins is utter genius because what he talks about in this chapter will make you re-evaluate everything you have ever said. It definitely makes me think about how i choose to say things before I say them!

Transformational vocabulary – words that express the exact emotion you are feeling. Example:  If we are to express verbally that we are so annoyed, so angry,ask ourselves how can anyone be so stupid and clueless, we express our emotions through words. But what if we felt anger and annoyance but instead of using that sentence we said ‘ I am a little peeved and set back by the person etc etc rather than using words such as angry and annoyed. It changes the state we are in right? That’s the importance of vocab.  The power our words can have if we use them wisely. E.g.  rather than feeling depressed use that transformational vocabulary and say you’re feeling calm before action! You immediately feel better right? This chapter is a must!!!

10) Destroy the Blocks, Break Down the Wall,Let go of the Rope, Dance your way to Success: The Power of Life Metaphors

The use of metaphors can affect how we see things. If we use disempowering metaphors change them. You want to be on ‘cloud nine’ and ‘swept off your feet’ not ‘swept under rug’ or ‘left hanging’. Use empowering metaphors you’ll get empowering results. Almost look at it like Transformational Vocabulary. All you need to do is change the way you use certain words and that will change the you feel.

11) The Ten Emotions of Power

Robbins talks about 6 steps to emotional mastery which is when a painful emotion surfaces you can learn to eliminate it more quickly.

  • Step 1: Identify what youre really feeling. Sometimes we just don’t know what it is were feeling. We need to ask ourselves what it is that is making us feel pain. With the use of transformational vocabulary we can lower the intensity of that feeling or break it down.
  • Step 2: Acknowledge and appreciate your emotions, knowing they support you. Don’t think what your feeling is wrong.  Appreciate all emotions because you will learn from them
  • Step 3: Get curious about the message this emotion is offering you. Curiosity helps master your emotion and master the challenge to overcome it. Ask yourself what it is you WANT to feel, question yourself.
  • Step 4: Get confident. Tony Robbins in this step says to overcome an emotion you need to think of another time you have felt this emotion and dealt with it. That way you should be confident that you can move past it – because you’ve done it before.
  • Step 5: Get certain you can handle this not only today but in the future aswell. Repeat and rehearse the ways you’ve handled the negative emotion in the past.
  • Step 6: Get excited and take action. Handle the emotion when you first begin to feel it.

Tony says most people try to avoid 10 messages of emotion. He explains why we shouldn’t try to avoid them but we should learn from them and apply the above 6 steps.

Discomfort, fear, hurt, anger, frustration, disappointment, guilt, inadequacy, overload or overwhelm, loneliness. He  teaches how to deal effectively with these emotions and to stop them taking over our lives. With ten powerful positive emotions.

Every feeling you have – good or bad –  is based on your interpretation of what things mean’.


12)The Magnificent Obsession – Creating a Compelling Future

This chapter talks about everything you have learned so far and condenses it into various points. Tony Robbins talks about setting goals and the importance of taking action today. He wants us to note that the things we have around and the places that weve been were goals to us before. Owning that car you have or that Tv, they were both goals and they were reachable. Goals must be set and actions must immediately follow them; we need a plan and massive consistent action. You must be COMMITTED to your goals to be able to achieve them.

Tony Robbins mentions the Reticular Activating system – What you will notice and what you will pay attention to. Its heightened awareness. Robbins uses the example: have you ever bought an outfit you loved and then saw everyone wearing it? The truth is that they were wearing it all along but you now are aware of it and thus notice it more. Youre more aware of something when you attach significance to it.

You need to make personal development goals and stay committed to them to reach your destiny and turn your life around.

13) The Ten-Day Mental Challenge.

Ten day mental challenge is to challenge you to not have any negative emotions for a whole ten days.


Good luck!


Tony Robbins has a net worth of nearly $400 million dollars and I hope you can see why. He is so effortlessly intelligent and driven and in this book he has laid down steps for which any person utilise to being a better version of themselves. If you want to know how to take control of your life you need to read this book! Buy it on Amazon for only £8

Follow me for my next post on the rest of this book and for his most recent book Money Master the Game – 7 Steps to Financial Freedom.




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